Open For Entries:









Judging Starts:
Winners Announced:

1st August 2017 - 31th August 2017



Deadline for your application is 31-08-2017 23:59. No application after that date is accepted.

Send your application by email or Dropbox.

1st September 2017 - 30th September 2017

3th October 2017

Terms and Conditions:


  • Anyone can sign up with as many animals they want

    • The registration fee is € 2,-- and has to be transferred to the bank account / Paypal account below at the time of registration.

  • All gerbils must be healthy and not be visibly pregnant at the time they are submitted

  • On the application day the gerbil must be alive and is owned by the person who signs it in

  • The minimum age for registration of a gerbil is 12 weeks (12 weeks on the date of application)

  • The colour and kind of spot pattern should be specified correctly to the best of knowledge –
    The organizers will NOT move the animals to the right category by wrong declaration




  • The photos must have been taken between 1st July 2017 and 31th August 2017

  • The background should be as neutral as possible
    Permitted background colours: white, blue, green, violet

  • The photos may not be provided with copyright sign

  • The use of flash light is allowed
  • Photos to submit:

    • for uni min. 3 picture (frontal, left side, right side)

    • for painted min. 4 picture (frontal, left side, right side,from top)

      • the fur marking should be entirely visible on the picture of the top

    • More detail photos for up to a total maximum of 6 picture are possible

      • E.g: head, tail, ears ...

      • These photos is to highlight the special features

  • The photo label

    • Shortcut name (e.g. John Doe - JD)

    • Name of gerbil

    • picture ID

  • You confirmed by submitting the registration that the picture you submitted can be used by the Bund deutscher Rennmauszüchter for the German Gerbil Show (homepage, facebook)


registration fee

  • The registration fee is € 2,- per Gerbil
  • The registration fee will be used for both as a compensation for the external judge as well as to provide awards, winnable through competition.
  • The registration fee is and has to be transferred to the bank account / Paypal account below at the time of registration.

    • Paypal:

Photo tutorial

For a detailed tutorial on Virtual Show photography, visit "Clan der Stadtmäuse"

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